Sunday, April 11, 2010

this weekend

ok this weekend had its ups and downs! So Friday mom woke up feeling not too well, so i went to my hair appt and came home to help her get motivated. When i got home i hear mom yelling at the cats.haha one had an accident, so i calmed her down and put in her new pillates video, since she cant lift weights. the video has a band to use for resistance so it is perfect for her workout. She did the video, took a shower and we took casey to the vet to get her nails clipped. It was a beautiful day!! then we dropped her off and ran errands, the main one being the grocery store. We decided to start getting our groceries at whole foods, to avoid the hormones and stuff in the processed foods. lets just say wow whole foods adds up fast! but its worth it for her health! mom felt much more "momly" since she hadnt gone grocery shopping since she found out she had cancer. then we headed home and since mom was feeling so well, mom dad and i went out to dinner to Barley Island, got coldstone ice cream and saw "date night"...the movies was awesome! We all really needed comic relief, and i hadnt seen mom laugh that hard in 6 weeks!

OOO!! and we were in the car and mom looked to me and goes "Katelyn watch this!!!" i looked over and she straightened her left arm!!!!!! she hadnt been able to do that since before the biopsy. this means the tumor is moving off the nerve, aka shrinking! and she has only been on treatment for a week, so this for sure lifted moms spirit!

Saturday mom did not feel so well because she started the femara. she was wiped out! so she and i just relaxed all day (minus the part that i got stung by a bee, my finger looks like a sausage!) but anyways yes Saturday was rough on mom.

Today dad told me to go to sears and surprise mom with a new vacuum, since ours is dying and soo heavy! so i brought it in her bed room with a bow on it..she was so excited! (and she had slept all morning so she was feeling a bit better) so i made her get out of bed and we went out in the back yard and had turkey sandwiches and enjoyed the wonderful weather with casey. so she started feeling better and got to use her vacuum which she loves. now we are watching the masters , and mom wants to go on a walk and take casey.

hopefully days like saturday dont come to often. Tomorrow at 3 mom has an appt. with a doctor that specializes in side effects because she is getting about 3 hours of sleep each night due to her horrible night sweats. and we all know that little sleep leads to emotional and feeling horrible. lets hope the doctor is helpful!

thank you all!

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  1. I'm soooo glad you are posting the journal! It is so beneficial to me as well as to you, your mom and dad (I would think). I'm so glad that there is a noticeable difference in the tumors (under her arm as well as at the drs. office)that I know it can't be a coincidence. I think the trip to see Rich and Marsha was really a help too; God is working in all this! Keep us posted! Love you! Kyle