Wednesday, April 21, 2010

getting nervous!

ok so mom got back from Evansville, IN and had a blast. she was able to see
Rich, Marshs, Steve, Candy and many more! They were down at the Aztar casino where uncle rich and the band sang, and mom learned hwo to gamble.

This week, Monday and Tuesday mom had horrible virtigo. We called Trish, the nurse practisioner, and she said that was just a late side effect. but as of today mom is feeling good and she is even at the office with me helping dad!! which is much needed for her.

Ok so Friday mom gets her second shot of Lupron and gets blood drawn. we have to wait there for an hour after the blood drawn, so they can read the results of her kidney and liver functions. if these are at the "normal" level, then she will get her infusion, meaning, an IV for 15 mins of Zometia; which will keep her bones strong since the treatment is so hard on her bones and their density. Dr. Bhatia will measure her tumor on her breast so they can keep track and see if it is shrinking, then base those results on her other tumors throughout her body. Until she gets the PET scan in july. so hopefully the tumors is even softer and smaller!

please pray for her blood results to be normal and function to be all ok for her IV! we will keep you updated.


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