Friday, October 1, 2010

back to updating!

Alright sorry everyone school started and i have been swamped! OK so two weeks ago this saturday mom dad and i went to the ER due to her numbness in her face, mouth, and right arm. They ran an MRI and blood results. he blood was fine but they saw something on the MRI. At first they thought it was a previous stroke, which of course freaked all of us out. so they ended up admitting her. Sunday they ran every test possible! all of her arteries were completely clear, her heart scan was normal, and a second MRI still looked clean. so they came to the conclusion that the spot on the MRI was from past migraines, which we ALL know she is known for. So we were happy to know that it was not a stoke or a tumor!!! Ok so Dr. Bahttia and the Neuro doc couldn't figure it out since all was clear. Monday Dr. B decided there are small tumors down her spine and they are pushing on nerves causing the numbness and the tingling. So in a way that was good news!

OK so she was discharged on Tuesday so they moved her chemo to Friday. On Friday her chemo went well, all counts were normal!!BUT she had to go in on Saturday to get the neulasta shot, which if you haven't heard of, which i hadn't, it is to boost your white blood cell count. it goes into your bone marrow, which is where blood cells are created and it boosts the process! Now she had heard all of this horrible stories about it making you feel flu like, bones sore, achy, and lasts up to 5 days. so knowing mom, she was freaking out. so Saturday we drug her in to get the shot. Sunday she did have some bone pain but some aleve and a heating pad and she was feeling thank you lord!

Now we are back to our second home, the cancer center, to get only one chemo, the Herceptin. In case you are wondering why, a couple of weeks ago they decided to do three weeks of all 3 chemos and then the fourth week only Herceptin to keep counts up! so we should be out of here in no time! :)

On Monday she gets her scan, to see if all tumors have remained the same size or smaller or larger (better not be)then we will have the results on Wednesday..

Thank you everyone for all fo your prayers, support, meals and more! Also, October 14th is her second fundraiser (ill post the flyer) and October 16th is the American Cancer Society walk "making strides toward a world with more birthdays" we will be there!!!!