Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wish one post was just good news!

alright! so as you all know mom get blood thinner shots every night call arixtra. due to her blood clot in her right arm. well last tuesday night we gave her her shot in her stomach and she woke up with a bruise the size of a softball on her stomach so we went in on wednesday for the normal chemo and they looked at the bruise and we so sorry but unfortunately she needed to stay on them. we on wednesday they were able to access her port!!! which was so exciting in stead of poking and pricking mom and blowing veins and taking forever! so we were so happy.

now on thursday night mom got the shot in her stomach like normal and it started bleeding? we put a bandaid on and it was soaked in blood well we call the on call doctor and they said if it didnt stop we needed to go to the ER well we thought we got it stopped BUT we didnt! she woke up covered in blood, and for all you weak stomaches ill leave it at it was ALOT of blood. well she immediately went into the doctor fri morning at 7 am. we needless to say we got lectured by the nurses on how were should have gone to the ER, becuase by the time mom got to the doctors office all three towels were soaked through. so they werent happy with us, but we didnt know any better :(

so it took them 4 hours to get it to clot! so Dr. Bhatia decided no more shots for a while.

well today came along and wewent to the cancer center like normal for her chemo treatment; they drewblood and her WBC count and hemoglobin count were low! so no chemo today! she has to get a blood transfusion tomorrow for 6 hrs. and 2 bags of blood. hopefully that helps because she needs the counts to raise for her to be able to handle chemo.

cross our fingers for tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sorry its been so long!

ok im so sorry i haven posted in a while, to say that we have been busy with doctors and appts. is to say the least! alright mom started chemo the first week of July due to her scan in June. Her tumor in her breast had shrunk but her tumor in her liver has grown to 6.9 cm. So she had her port put in on tuesday June 29th and chemo started july 2nd. We were then in the hospital fri night because of her fever and sent home then sunday and sent home. well Tuesday came along and at 5 am mom was hyper ventilating and we had to call 911. she ended up being admitted due to loss of oxygen, dehydration, and fever. She was in the hospital for over 2 weeks being tested for everything because they couldnt find out what was the cause of the fever. finally they realized she had a small form of pneumonia. so she was given antibiotics and she was sent home 2 day later. BUT during that hospital stay she was scaned again to see if it was the cancer causing the fever, and the possibility of it spreading more, but FINALLY good news, the tumor in her liver had shrunk to 5.9cm, just from the first treatment so that was very exciting! (sorry i told the hospital story in short, if i told it in detail we would be here all day!)

So she skipped the next week of chemo, just so she could get her strength back from being in the hospital so long. they decided to not give the chemo every three weeks seeing as that didnt go well, but they decided to giver her smaller portions of it every week. :( so we now go EVERY wednesday for SIX hours!! now if thats not bad enough; her port got infected while she was in the hospital so they had to use her veins for chemo these past 3 weeks. i feel so bad it burns in her hand and it takes double the amount of time becuase they have to pump it in her so much slower! cross our fingers tomorrow they can access her port, i think it look much better! what else am i missing.....

well last weekend was our Gootee family reunion and we went to holiday world thursday and friday, then Steve's saturday and sunday on the lake. mom did pretty well...she road the lazy river at holiday world and was able to eat some at the reunion on sat. We had so much fun and it was nice to see everyone! we have found out that tuesday-friday are "good" days and sunday is the worst for mom!

ooo and she has lost her hair so we buzzed it but we bough a wig that is gorgeous! and she now officially looks like Jenny's sister/mom!

well thats all i can think of now, ill try to update more now that things are settling as much as they are going to!

thanks for all the meals, prayers etc. we appreciate it!