Wednesday, September 8, 2010

chemo here we come!

alright so on August 26th mom got her blood transfusion because her counts were so low! her RBC count was at 7.2 when it need to be 10+. so the blood transfusion went well. she also did not have chemo that week due to such low counts. so friday she felt awesome! with blood in her, she could actually breathe. (the day before and previously that week she was not able to walk from the couch to the kitchen she had to crawl because she would get so winded.)so Friday until that next Wednesday she felt awesome she went to a movie with dad, went shopping, and was just able to go out and remember what it felt like pre-chemo. ok so wednesday sep.1st she went to the cancer center like normal hoping to get chemo and hoping her counts were up! (not really wanting chemo :)) so here RBC count was up! but her WBC count was VERY low, lower than when she was in the hospital! it was at 1.2, where it needs to be 3.5 and higher! so NOOO chemo that week; and in isolation; meaning no raw foods, and trying to avoid crowds and sick people; and of course wash hands alot! well we jsut got here today and her counts are all up!! RBC: 11, WBC: 3.7! so chemo today which she is very excited for, just to get back on they did cut the chemo doses in a fourth, to help with her counts. so hopefully all goes well!

on another note the picture (caricature) of mom above is from her F.C.Tucker office, where they are having an auction this friday for her!

thank you all!!

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