Wednesday, June 23, 2010

good and bad news

ok so mom got her cat scan last wednesday and on friday Dr. B gave her the results. her tumors in her breast and lymph nodes are almost gone..but her tumors in her spine and liver have either stayed the same or gotten bigger, meaning the tumors in her liver and spine saw what was happening in her breast and lymph nodes and they mutated and cloned them selves! so we are starting chemo. so yesterday, Tuesday, mom got her port put in. you can google what that means but basically it is a long tube in her artery that gives them easy access for the chemo, instead of ivs every time. so surgery went well yesterday we were home by 2. she is in pain today but what do you expect after surgery.

on friday mom will start chemo. she will go every three weeks for 18 weeks. BUT after 6 weeks (her second treatment) she will get a catscan to see if it is working, instead of having her go through hell for nothing. she will loose her start sending scarves, hats, etc.! but we are going to get a pretty wig that our friend and hairstylist will make!!

ill update you on friday. the chemo treatment is from 11 to 4 so it will be a long day!

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